Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Personal experience with E-Sport's Commentator "Husky Starcraft"

As some of you know - two photos that I took at a MLG Gaming Convention in Orlando of a Commentator and Legend "Mike Lamond" known in the E Sport world as "Husky Starcraft" appeared to his IMDB page. This is big!

Whats the big deal? 
Husky Starcraft is one of the biggest names on the internet right now for the rising gaming industry. Husky Starcraft is also one of the most viewed people on the internet with almost 250,000,000 views on his youtube page as well as 500,000 subscribers, and is known worldwide for commentating StarCraft 2 over the internet, at MLG, and other events... His IMDB page is ranked 517 in the top 5000 members.

Sample Video of Husky Starcraft's Commentating

I also had the opportunity to talk with Mr Lamond and he says he wouldn't mind if I met up with him at future events and took more pictures for his IMDB and other pages. Fingers crossed!
Mike Lamond (Husky Starcraft)

Husky's Youtube Channel

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